Hillside, Horrabridge

DateJanuary 2017 – 2018
LocationHorrabridge, Devon
ClientPrivate Client
CategoryBespoke Developments

A three and a half storey new build on the site of one of the first prefabricated concrete houses in the UK.  Back at the beginning of the 20th century, this sort of technology was brand new and at the time, was the talk of the area.  Coincidently, that system of construction was also Canadian, just like Nudura.

What We Did

Frederick Mackintosh has been appointed lead contractor for the build.  We are undertaking the groundworks, including a reinforced slab accommodating a redundant mine shaft and a 1 in 6 slope, the installation of a Nudura shell, internal structural work, roof, cladding, windows and rendering.  The end result should be a dry, secure shell ready for fitting out.

Hillside, as the name suggests, is built into a hillside and we are using Nudura’s largest standard form (12″ or 300mm) filled with Kryton waterproofing agents and steel rebar to act as a backstop and act as a spine for high performance shell.  All external walls will be fitted with a total of 120mm of insulation on the external face by using Nudura’s insert system.