250sqm Basement

DateFebruary 2018
LocationReading, Berkshire
ClientPrivate Client

Where once stood a rambling early 20th century brick built house, the current owners wanted a modern, high performing new build. Cue the demolition. Although the client, architect and builder had already decided to use bespoke time frame as their main build type, the owner wanted a basement. The architect’s response was to use concrete blocks until they got in touch with us. ICF is designed for such applications and we discussed a range of positives from waterproofing to speed of build; the latter being the clincher.

What We Did

Frederick Mackintosh provided Nudura ICF installation and design services. We installed 12″ core blocks onto a prelaid slap, complete with Kryton waterbar, reinforced according to the engineer’s specification and had a busy day pouring and vibrating 70 cubic metres of concrete. In all, around 20 man days.

The above ground part of the building incorporates a brick and flint plinth for which the Nudura corbell block was used to create a 6″ concrete pad for the brickwork to sit on.

We also worked with the client and design partners to specify an effective waterproofing solution; types A and B. Prevent the water pooling around the outside with a french drain (A) cobimned with waterproof concrete and Kryton’s waterbar system within the base of the wall.

All done at temperatures at or around freezing.